John Wayne Smith for Governor

Live Free Or Die!!


Freedom is the Goal
Responsibility is the Price
Tolerance is the Hallmark

My name is John Wayne Smith. I was born in Leesburg, Florida. Some of my ancestors have been roaming Florida’s hills, woods and swamps for over 12,000 years. I hope that my descendants are able to do the same, and to be as free as were my ancestors.

Writing about why I should be your Governor is no easy task, especially since I stand against current wisdom most of the time. I am the kind of man that the government fears the most. I am a free man. I am a competent man. I do not need or want someone to live my life for me. I am a peaceful man. I assist my neighbors when ask or I see that assistance will be beneficial. I accept assistance from my neighbors in like events. I do not initiate aggression against anyone, but I reserve the right to vigorously defend my self.

Man is not an animal. Man is not born with all the knowledge that it takes to live in today’s world. Man must have guidance. There must be a code to live by. That code or philosophy must be rational. Yet it must allow each person to live as they see best (as long as they hurt no one else). So I believe in law and order. These laws must not try to make all people fit a given mold. Laws must not try to make every person alike.  Laws should allow people to be individuals. 

Man, by his very nature, must be free to exercise his judgment in all matters as long as he respects the right of others to do the same, as long as they pose no immediate threat to another person. I do believe that there must be someone that will enforce reasonable laws on an evenhanded basis.  There must be law enforcement.

In today’s world, what should be a book only a few inches thick, are several yards thick. No person can go for one hour without breaking some law. Even if they think that they are correct, upstanding, law abiding citizens. Legislators meet with someone almost daily in order to devise more laws, and more powerful laws. Most of these laws have unintended effects, but all insure that you cannot pass through life with out being a habitual criminal. Bureaucrats, hired, not elected are busy turning out page after page of regulations that you must live by and page after page of how they will steal the money to force you to live by what they write.

Am I a good guy, not necessarily? Am I a bad guy, I harm no one. I bow to no one. Will you be brave enough to elect me that remain to be seen? But if you believe that humans are and have the right to be responsible individuals, then you will. You will break the yoke of oppression, created by the current government system. You will help insure that Florida and America remain the land of the free, the home of the brave, as well as the responsible. You will make Florida a better place to live for everyone, not just for the government and its employees. Only if you are willing to break the yoke of government oppression will Florida have a bright future.

Were you to elect me I would not go to Tallahassee with the promise that I would steal money from everyone that I could just so that the bureaucrats or you could spend it the way that the bureaucrats or you want to. I would not promise that I would force everyone to fit into a mold of bureaucratic choosing. I would not promise to be an all-knowing god.

What I would promise would be to try to make all Florida a freer place to live. I would promise that there would be adequate law enforcement to enforce necessary laws. Laws that would allow you to be free, and to choose your own life path as long as you aggressed against no one. I would promise to try to reduce taxes to the point that all proper government functions are adequately funded and that all unnecessary and not proper functions are not funded.

I work with my hands and am not always available. I maybe out of town building something, but I always come back especially on weekends. You can call me at 352 787 5550 or e-mail me It may be a few days before I get back to you, but I am not ignoring you. I have to eat and pay my bills just like you. You can write me at:

203 W. Magnolia Street

Leesburg Fl 34748 


Libertarian for Florida Governor:
A candidate of the Libertarian Wing of the Libertarian Party

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